What is wheel balancing?

When you feel vibrations in your steering wheel or seat at certain speeds, you should check the tyre balance. Wheel balancing involves distributing the weight of the wheel accurately and evenly. It is done by placing counterweights in the rims. Tyres never have a perfect weight distribution despite the manufacturers’ degree of precision. This is known as tyre eccentricity. The position of the valve and the radial or lateral offset of a rim also affects the balance.

Why balance your wheels?

  • Balancing the wheels prevents vibrations in the steering wheel (front wheel balance) and in the seat (rear wheel balance).
  • Balancing the wheels prevents uneven tyre wear.
  • It allows the weight to be distributed precisely and uniformly.

Beware: an incorrect balance can be hazardous to the suspension, steering and tyres.

The balancing of your tyres should be entrusted to a professional who will place weights on the rim to compensate for imbalances (tyre eccentricity, valve position, radial or lateral offset of the rim).

At Auto-Contact, for aesthetic reasons, we are also concerned about the location of the seals inside the rim and the colour of the seals compared to the colour of the rim.

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