Auto-Contact, the perfect partner for your leased vehicle

Complete management of your files and fleet.

Auto-Contact takes care of the whole monitoring of your file, as well as your fleet. Changing tyres has never been so easy.

Just call us for an appointment.

You can make an appointment directly via our website (online appointment), our app or by phone.

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Our advantages:

  • A warm and professional welcome, with or without an appointment
  • Appointment booking online
  • Pick up service
  • Winter and summer tyre storage
  • Waiting area with Wi-Fi
  • Preferential prices on all our services
  • Large inventory of new tyres

Our Pick-up service

Our pick-up service is offered to companies with their own vehicles or under a leasing contract.

You can take advantage of this service free of charge within a radius of 15–20 kms.

We pick up your vehicle at your place of work and return it to you once the service has been completed.

Further details:

  • We will pick up your vehicle during the day and return it to you on the same day, no later than 5:00 pm.
  • If you need to collect your vehicle at a specific time, please let us know in advance.
  • Please leave your vehicle keys in an envelope at your company reception desk when you arrive at work.
  • Please provide the following information on the envelope:
    • Number plate
    • Your name
    • Your mobile number
  • Remember to check the vehicle’s fuel level.
  • If you must cancel, please let us know well in advance.

Our site in Gembloux is equipped with an American carwash, so it is possible to arrange for your vehicle to be washed when you make your appointment.

When to change summer or winter tyres

  • Summer season: starting in March
  • Winter season: starting in October

If your contract includes winter tyres, you can reserve them in advance, as soon as you receive your new lease car, by phone or by sending an e-mail to You can also visit one of our centres.

Here is the information needed to open a file with the leasing company:

  • Copy of your vehicle registration card (plate, chassis number, etc.)
  • Size and brand of summer tyres
  • Vehicle mileage
Equilibrage Pneus 5407

Each tyre has an identification number that shows its characteristics.

  • 205: tyre width in mm
  • 45: the height of the tyre sidewall is equal to 40% of its width
  • R: Symbol meaning that the tyre has a radial construction
  • 16: Rim diameter (in inches) 84: Load index
  • 91V: Load and speed rating
Identification Pneu

Can I have my tyres moved to Auto-Contact?

If you would like to have your summer or winter tyres transferred to one of our centres, please contact your technical service or fleet manager and make a request to your leasing company.

The leaser’s choice of tyre brands

Leasing companies select tyre brands for their drivers from your specialist.

These brands always offer very good quality and meet safety standards for the driver.

These brands are approved and certified. They are always well-known brands with a good reputation.

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