The tyre can be repaired:

  • If the pressure loss is caused by an object (screw,…) in the tread.
  • If the pressure loss is caused by a valve defect.
  • If the pressure loss is caused by oxidation of the rim.

The tyre cannot be repaired:

  • If the tyre has a bulge or puncture in the sidewall.
  • If the tyre has run flat.
  • If there is a hole larger than 6mm.
  • If the tyre is damaged on the inside.
  • If the tyre has been subjected to heating and/or deposit on the inside.


  • Repairing a tyre with a plug is prohibited and can only be a temporary solution.
  • Do not remove any object from the tyre: it prevents the tyre from deflating completely. If possible, it is best to restore the tyre to the correct pressure.

How are secure, long-term tyre repairs done?

  • The tyre is taken off the rim to check the reason for the loss of pressure and the condition of the tyre inside.
  • Preparation and placement of a patch using cold vulcanisation inside.
  • Fitting, balancing and pressure check.

Auto-Contact only repairs tyres from the inside in order to guarantee long-term work and greater safety.

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