When should you check your vehicle’s alignment?

  • When your tyres wear abnormally and unevenly
  • When a part of the suspension or steering has just been replaced.
  • When your vehicle drifts to the left or right side of the road when you let go of the steering wheel.
  • When your steering wheel is out of alignment with your wheels.
  • When there is road damage.
  • When you hit a kerb.

What is the point of alignment?

  • To optimise your vehicle’s handling.
  • To maximise the life of your tyres by limiting abnormal wear.
  • To guarantee better safety.
  • To save fuel.

How long does it take to adjust the alignment?

Depending on the type of vehicle and the adjustments to be made, this work takes around 15 to 30 minutes unless the technician encounters difficulties with the vehicle.

Geometrie 4634

What do camber and wheel alignment mean?


  • This is the inclination of the wheel in relation to the vertical axis.
  • The vehicle is checked from the front.


  • Toe-in is the difference in distance between the front and rear of the two wheels on the same axle.
  • The vehicle is checked from above.

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